What a day ….

Ok your regular blogger is, ummm .. sleeping. We had another 300 mile day. We were able to visit two national monument sites and along the way were able to pick up a lot more memories. Your regular blogger will update this site soon. Stay tuned to learn about the Navaho people, the cows and horses that run freely in the streets and the sad story of the man who lives at the A&W rootbeer place. Thank you for your comments and suggestions…….

<< Editor’s note:  please click here for an alternate interpretation of today’s events >>

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  1. Tell me more about the A&W Rootbeer Man…is he marriage worthy? No scratch that…I’d much prefer to run wild with the horses and cows…speaking of I got to meet an 8 hour old calf yesterday…too cute! Rumor has it he has a date with the veal meat market in Sept, but my plan is to hog tie him and raise him, along with the blind cow, in the back yard. I think they’ll get along well with the goat, ground hogs, racoons and rats. Hopefully zoning will not present an issue.

    You guys are going to kill me. I have a mtg Wednesday evening and won’t be back until about 9…can we reschedule our catch up din din for Thurs night instead?

    Oh and I found an inflatable picture screen to blow up outside the carriage house for movie nights…it’s at Sam’s Club! Perhaps we can purchase a projector as well and view a day in the life of Paul and Steve Out West?

    It’s lonely in the hood..hurry home!

    • Don’t purchase that screen! Put the money toward your mortgage, or Orkin.

  2. I suppose you two had another beautiful day
    Looks like the weather has been on your side. You will be amazed at how much of our trees and flowers have finally peaked
    out of the ground. Starting to look like spring has sprung.
    See you soon.

  3. You Guy’s are creating a Wanderlust in dad and I .We can see through your eyes such beauty here in the good old USofA. Iffffffffffffff we were younger and able to haul A.. we would be on the move. We are enjoying all of the info sent our way.Your Vacation is winding down.All good things come to an end buttttttttt look what memories you have from this trip.Love You Guy’s

  4. I just read your latest notes of the day. Some of those scenes were breath taking. One of those scenes would look great on my desk top. Beautiful
    Rather cool here today but as you know it is still spring and this MAINE. I see you found some real ” cuties.”
    Some of those meals looked great..Bet you had hot peppers with your meals.
    You will have so much to tell us when you get home.. We have already enjoyed your trip with you as you have kept us informed of all you have done ..See you soon

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