Yolanda: The Witch at Fox Rent-A-Car.



Fox Car Rental Vegas

After a long and arduous flight, we finally landed in Las Vegas.  The view of the Las Vegas strip from the air was really exciting. We rode a shuttle to baggage claim to get our luggage and then took another shuttle to the rental car area.  On that shuttle, we learned that our rental agency was “to the left” of the main rental area.  In reality it required yet another shuttle for three more miles. When we finally arrived at Fox Rent A Car, it looked like we had been dropped off in the middle of a bad episode of Cops.  The office was a makeshift trailer that was manned by the Customer Care Specialist mentioned above.  

Yolanda’s rate of speech was “muy rapido” which made it pretty hard to understand why she was charging an additional $67 in taxes, plus $120 for an additional driver and some other mumbo jumbo about a $150 deposit… for a pre-paid rental.  We declined the extra driver, and then she eventually rattled off something about not charging us for one of the mystery items so that we “wouldn’t be confused”.  After signing about 47 pages of forms, we were ready to move on to the second phase of the rental process: inspecting the vehicle for damage.

Our Dodge Charger was in great shape, as long as you didn’t mind the scratches on the trunk, the unusual grapefruit-sized white blotch on the passenger’s seat and the bullet hole in the roof (no joke).  The vehicle had California plates, and I could just imagine the adventures under its belt cruising through the mean streets of East LA. We asked the attendant to document the aforementioned items and he was actually really great about it.  Yolanda ought to job shadow him for a day. She could learn something about customer service. 

With all of Yolanda’s rigamarole behind us, we jumped into the Charger and hit the Las Vegas Strip enroute to Treasure Island. The adventure was just beginning.


** Please click here to read about tomorrow’s escape from Las Vegas into the Utah’s vast unknown wilderness.

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  1. Omg… I met this witch at Fox rental too. long finger nails, greasy hair and the acent of a chicken ranch lady ! Good luck when you return the gang car

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